Toronto West Enjoys A More Personalized Service from Heart To Home Meals


Nov 08, 2015

Heart to Home Meals, a franchise concept in the senior meal delivery industry, is currently offering a more personalized delivery  of their product with a door-to-door delivery service to seniors done by themselves. Customers living in the western part of the GTA are enjoying this service expansion, from Bathurst Street to Highway 427 and from the lakeshore up to Steeles Avenue. The company, in the past,  used to contract the services of a courier company to deliver its meals in this area.

According to the president of Heart to Home Meals, Michael Gazer, they had to change how they provided the delivery service, in response to the increasing requests from customers in this area. “Our customer service centre was receiving hundreds of calls from seniors who wanted us to bring our personalized service”, said  Gazer.

The Ontario market is booming right now for Heart to Home Meals as more seniors and their families get familiar with and refer our services. New franchises opened recently in Kingston and Milton and another Ontario location is set to open before the end of 2015. 

 Gazer indicated that as its name suggests "Heart" is a big part of their interaction and connection with their customers. Currently they deliver their meals themselves in the Toronto West area without the need to contract out a third-party. This way they develop a more personal engagement with their customers and provide the type of service that customers appreciate and that Heart To Home Meals  pride themselves upon.