Travel Mix Inc. will be a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq OTC


Apr 14, 2014

Travel Mix Inc. will soon be a publicly traded company on the Nasdaq OTC. Trading symbol will be available soon and if you are interested in updates please contact us. We have worked very hard to get into this position. Our goal is to secure funding to acquire key agencies in order to attain enough travel volume and ensure top commissions from suppliers. This will enable us to attract high volume agents/agencies and our agents/area owners will receive the highest possible commissions/overrides in the industry.

With our CEO and also our president available to area owners 7 days a week we have the highest degree of support in the industry. Both have started travel offices and know what it takes to get a new business to flourish. As an area owner with Travel Mix you will be able to contact the company owners. As any business owner knows there is no one who cares more than the owner! Both are extensively travelled and have great destination knowledge.

If you are considering a travel agency as a business opportunity we sell negotiated territories. This could be a city or even an entire area code if it is serviceable. We can train anyone who has travelled and has great customer service skills. There are great travel perks for anyone selling a lot of any specific product. At this point our area ownership option is very well priced with areas starting at $20,000. As we grow these will be become more valuable so the time to start is now!