Tutoring Boom - Oxford Learning Anticipates Significant Franchise Growth in Western Canada


Feb 27, 2008

LONDON, ON,  - Over the past decade, escalating competition,
crowded classrooms, and busy extracurricular schedules have become top
concerns for North American parents. So, it is logical that with the pressures
facing children today, the market for learning centers has grown into a
$4 billion a year industry.

Learning Centers, like Sylvan and Kumon, rank as some of the top
franchise opportunities in North America. And according to Oxford Learning,
Canada's largest supplemental education system, that growth will only continue
to increase in Western Canada.

"We see tremendous potential for expansion in the West," adds Oxford's
Chief Operating Officer, Lenka Whitehead. "With the current demand for our
programs, we anticipate opening an additional 20 western franchise locations
by the end of 2009."

These franchise opportunities are now being filled by a younger set of
community-minded entrepreneurs with a shared desire for building a fulfilling
career working with children. Within three months, Oxford's franchise owners
have gone from the monotony of a day job, to the daily adventure of running a
growing business.

In it's expansion plans, Oxford Learning identified several thriving
cities as the most promising markets for franchise development. Cities topping
the list include: Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver, West Vancouver and
White Rock.

About Oxford Learning

Oxford Learning began in the mid-1980s when a team of education experts
came together to create an unique learning program based on research into how
children actually learn. Oxford Learning is now Canada's number one
supplemental education system and has grown to include more than 120 franchise
locations across Canada and the United States. Dedication and continuing
research have earned Oxford an international reputation for quality and
success. Our proprietary curriculum and teaching methods are created by some
of the world's leading experts in education. At Oxford, it is our mission to
equip students with a new way of thinking and the skills and confidence to
overcome obstacles and reach their goals.