Oct 20, 2006

Toronto, ON; Turf Management Systems Inc., owner and Franchisor for the Weed Man brand, has just announced another expansion into the international marketplace, sealing a deal appointing a “Master Franchisee” for the United Kingdom, territory for which includes England, Scotland, Wales and Ireland. Effective immediately, Turf Solutions Inc. will carry the Weed Man banner into the European Union! “It’s a significant accomplishment for a Canadian owned and operated franchise company to achieve broad-based market leadership in a very crowded industry,” says Michael Kernaghan, Chief Operating Officer for Turf Management Systems Inc. “To, expand our brand, consistently grow market representation and make our presence significantly felt in a very tough U.S. marketplace as well, is no small feat. The Weed Man System is achieving all of this!” offers Mr. Kernaghan. Professional Lawn Care does business as a mature, established industry in North America. Although not new to the U.K., professional lawn care the likes of the Weed Man System, is sure to raise that industry to a completely new level. “Core to Weed Man System strategic development plans was to think on a broader scale regarding new objectives and achievements,” offered Mr. Kernaghan. “The U.K. represents a market extremely well suited for the system-focused, customer-centric business model that Weed Man offers. And we are tickled to have an exceptionally qualified Master Franchisee organization in Turf Solutions Inc., headed by industry veteran Chris Dunton, with general manager, Ian Smallbones, to lead the charge”, continues Mr. Kernaghan. Weed Man systems training and orientation for the U.K. group have been completed at the Weed Man World Headquarters in Mississauga, Ontario and Weed Man – U.K. start-up is well on its way. Development and implementation plans for “grand opening” activities at Weed Man-UK operation are now reaching completion. Get ready for many more thick, green, healthy lawns…Your Majesty! About Weed Man Weed Man is a worldwide system of franchisees providing superior, professional lawn care services in a consistent and responsible manner. Weed Man dealers, staff and operational activities are characterized by and have become known to represent reliability, service excellence and responsible environmental management. Weed Man and its franchisees are Canada’s #1 lawn care professionals, with over 300 franchisees, sub-franchisees and master franchisees and over 5,000 employees worldwide. Weed Man is Canadian owned and operated through Turf Management Systems Inc., president and founder, Des Rice. For additional information: Contact Michael J. Kernaghan, COO, Turf Management Systems Inc. (905) 823-8550, Ext 27. mkernaghan@weed-man.com. Visit www.weed-man.com.