What Makes WSI the #1 Canadian Franchise by Entrepreneur Magazine?


Feb 01, 2007

Being a global leader and the #1 Rated Computer Technology and Internet - Based Franchise is definitely a major achievement in a mass of other technology - based franchises. But when Entrepreneur Magazine hands out the distinction of #1 Franchise in Canada—people really take notice.

WSI, an Internet consulting service for small to medium sized businesses, has recently been given the honour of #1 Franchise in Canada by Entrepreneur Magazine. As Entrepreneur Magazine states, “WSI is without question a real franchising success story. In little more than 10 years in business, they have continued to grow dramatically as a global leader in the Internet Industry. Entrepreneur Magazine (January 2007) has recognized WSI as the #1 Internet and Technology Franchise and an independent assessment of the Franchise 500 reveals that WSI is also the #1 Canadian Franchise overall.”
As a leading Internet Franchise Service, WSI boasts 1500 franchisees in 87 countries, proving their business system is more than effective and efficient. Many small and medium sized businesses are finding the benefits of using WSI to improve their company’s status. By offering a strategic and patent pending system, WSI is able to strengthen their client’s business, advancing them into the future. But this is not possible through a website alone; other mediums are used as well to ensure the client receives the best possible service. And, because of the increased usage of the Internet, there is a growing demand for people to own a WSI franchise. People in small and medium sized businesses are realizing that, to keep up with the heavy weights, they need some guidance in the area of moving their business forward. They need to have someone show them the opportunities available and take them each step of the way. To assist a company of a smaller size and help them become a success is imperative in today’s world, especially when the bigger companies can pay whatever is necessary to get the outcome they seek. The smaller businesses aren’t afforded as many resources to choose from and are now looking to the professionals of WSI to lead them into the future.

This rapid growth demonstrates an increased need for people to take the helm of a WSI franchise and lead other businesses to successful outcomes. Through a patent pending system called LifeCycle, WSI is able to offer its franchise owners an effective method with which to assist their clients. WSI trains and certifies their Internet Marketing Consultants in the ever-expanding area of Internet Technology, providing them with whatever support is necessary to have their own successful WSI franchise.

Some of the WSI services include:

•  Consultation
•  Design
•  Development
•  Hosting
•  Optimization
•  Site Registration
•  Review of Connectivity
•  Training
•  Marketing Support

Being thorough with the franchisee training and certification ensures a successful business for anyone interested in starting their own WSI franchise and assisting those businesses in their own community. The more WSI franchises there are, the better chances of survival that a small and medium sized business has. 

WSI’s clear vision and forward thinking have also dubbed them 4th fastest growing International Franchise and 6th Top Global Franchise. The honour of Entrepreneur Magazine’s #1 spot for Internet and Technology Franchise is definitely a boon for WSI. Being recognized for consistently building a business and offering solutions that work has proven WSI to be a driving force in the Internet Franchise business.

To learn more about WSI, visit www.wsicorporate.com.