Jul 27, 2011

Hungry family? Quick lunch needed?Looking for a new catering option for those office functions? There is a new franchise in town called WingsUp!. It’s quickly turning heads in Guelph and becoming the place for the best chicken wings in town. WingsUp! is celebrating its 9th location in Ontario, and according to owner operator Jerry Barvinek, “Wings are Flying out the Door”!

“Customers are referring new clients to us on a daily basis, and many people are saying that our wings are the best in town.” Neighbours, co-workers and friends seem to be getting the word out quickly. Mr. Barvinek believes it is because of the combination of providing a new option for food and the quality of the product he is serving.

Wings are a summer favourite that gives an alternative to the standard options in the marketplace,” says Barvinek. WingsUp! is a purveyor of gourmet chicken wings and ribs. The wings are always fresh, never frozen! Fresh wings are delivered two times weekly from a local provider, and they batter the wings themselves, cut the carrots and celery themselves, and ensure that quality remains the priority. The “NO BONES ABOUT IT” option, buffalo bites and dunkers and the Smiley Sandwich are created from fresh chicken breast. There is never any processed meat. Their Jamaikan Hot and Sweat n Bullets are very popular for those wanting a “kick,” as well as the traditional BBQ and honey garlic flavours. For a Californian style of wings, the Dry West Coast classic and Dry Cajun are wing fan favorites.

Jerry adds, “I am not sure why but Guelph residents prefer the buttermilk ranch dip to the blue cheese for their veggies so far.” Every other location seems to have blue cheese as their favourite dip. “But then again, Guelphites have always been unique." Jerry got the idea to open the franchise while eating wings in the Cambridge WingsUp! location. “I liked it so much, I bought the company,” Jerry laughs. He had been contemplating opening a franchise after having worked in the automotive parts manufacturing industry for over 22 years. He wanted a change from the fast pace and constant travelling. Jerry believed he could apply the customer service skills he picked up in the auto sector to providing a premium product to people in this community. He continues to laugh, “In my last two careers I coated prepainted steel and then automotive tools. In this career. I'm coating chicken wings."

The WingsUp! chain was founded in 1988 by local resident Mike Chuchmach. The original store in Milton was called the Incredible Wing Ding. The company has grown ever since and continues to insure that the product stays premium. It is supplied in a way that is both profitable for the franchise, affordable to the customer, and gives the community more options for lunch and dinner.

Jerry likes the fact that the product can serve as part of a family event. “Families come here as an outing, have the kids pick the flavours, and take it home with them.” A family man himself, he has his two sons Brady and Casey working in the store, and his wife Christine is doing the bookkeeping.

Their grand opening is about to be celebrated on Saturday, July 23rd from 2-6:00 pm in the Speedvale Mall parking lot. There will be lots of free samples, giveaways and a clown for the kids. Jerry is also excited about supporting sports teams and community, one step at a time. The north end of Guelph is celebrating a new choice for feeding hungry people. Whether you need a quick dinner for the family or a catering option with delivery for the office, Wings Up has something that is quick, easy, and tasty to offer.