WingsUp! Launches New Website


Nov 09, 2012

WingsUp!, an eight store gourmet chicken wing franchise and Top Ontario Chicken Chain has launched a new website.

Darren Czarnogorski, President of WingsUp! describes the new WingsUp! website as 100% “visually delicious as well as fun and easy to interact with”. Czarnogorski and his team at WingsUp! made an impressive investment in the website starting with all-new professional food photography and styling.

“The new WingsUp! website is getting high marks from our franchisees and customers alike for it’s eye popping photography.” Czarnogorski says giving a nod to Steve Keen and Maria Bachmaier for food styling. The photography for the new website was completed in the spring of 2012 and is a cornerstone of the website with mouthwatering images being featured on each page.

In addition to an entire new catalogue of delicious food shots, the new Wingsup! website is deeply integrated with the WingsUp! social media efforts. According to Rob Van Amerongen, WingsUp! V.P. of Operations, each menu item features a Facebook “Like” icon so web visitors can individually “Like” their menu favourites. Van Amerongen says “We’re serious about connecting with our customers through our new website and Facebook, we want to know what their favourites are and celebrate them!”.

With a new website, new larger corporate offices and a recent nod by Restaurant News (the magazine ranked WingsUp! #11 in their recent Top Chicken Chains rankings) WingsUp! is aggressively putting their marketing and franchise model into high gear. With Joel Friedman as their V.P. of Franchising they are continuing to gain ground in their quest to grow their brand within Ontario.

The website was written by Sharon Ricci who brings Burger King and Pepsi experience to the table. Design credit goes to both WingsUp! marketing team and Kyle Gallant.

At the WingsUp! website launch party last week, Czarnogorski shouts to his team that “WingsUp! is moving up, up and up!”. The loud applause he receives in reply makes it clear, the WingsUp! team is complete agreement.

About WingsUp!

WingsUp! is an eight store chain specializing in gourmet chicken menu items. Stores are located throughout Southern Ontario including Hamilton, Burlington, Milton, Kitchener, Waterloo and Cambridge. WingsUp! is looking to grow in 2012/2013 and is actively seeking franchisees.