World Talk Radio Interviews WSI President Ron McArthur


Dec 15, 2006

December 15, 2006 – Toronto, Ontario.   WSI Internet Consulting & Education President Ron McArthur was a recent guest on World Talk Radio’s “Franchise Interviews” program to discuss WSI – the largest Internet franchise serving small to medium sized businesses (SMEs) in 87 countries worldwide.  In the interview, Ron gives insight into the WSI Business Opportunity and the history of the Internet and its impact on businesses and our day to day lives.

Ron McArthur, as WSI’s President, is well-positioned to discuss the stages, or generations, that the Internet has evolved through.  From the first stage of ‘brochure-ware’ websites that were flat and limited to today’s interactive, functionality-rich websites, the Internet has changed dramatically since the mid-1990s when WSI was founded.  As the Internet changes the way we do business, Ron details why the WSI franchise opportunity is a unique one for entrepreneurs, giving them the tools and proven system they need to help small to medium sized businesses achieve unprecedented success online. 

Ron explains how the WSI opportunity is as unique as the over 1500 WSI Internet Consultants around the world.  Coming from business backgrounds as diverse as sales and marketing and information technology, WSI Consultants understand the needs of their SME customers. They are entrepreneurs helping entrepreneurs – that’s what makes a WSI Consultant so special. Ron believes that all successful entrepreneurs possess the desire to be their own boss and be successful, which means being a sales person, project manager, marketer, book keeper and administrator. 

WSI Consultant franchisees receive extensive training and ongoing learning opportunities to keep them ahead of the pack with leading edge technologies.  Ron explains that he believes that the Internet is still in its beginning stages, and that there is no limit to how it can change our day to day lives. That’s why WSI has expanded to become the largest provider of Internet Solutions to SMEs in the world, and why he says WSI has no plans of slowing down.  The WSI franchise opportunity is open to anyone with the entrepreneurial spirit who wants to join a team, working together with other professionals to follow a proven system to get a jump start on developing a business and realizing success.

About WSI:

Through its network of over 1500 offices in 87 countries, WSI delivers thousands of e-Business solutions to small and medium sized businesses annually. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, WSI provides affordable Internet related services and technologies that deliver maximum return on investment for businesses.  As the world leader in providing profitable Internet solutions to SMEs, making information accessible for all via the Internet is an essential component of our offering. WSI is committed to assisting customers to ensure their websites are accessible for people with disabilities by providing education, guidance, tools and techniques that comply with the worldwide W3C standards.