WSI Global Young Entrepreneur Scholarship


Apr 03, 2008

Toronto, Canada, April 03, 2008 --( WSI has commenced the screening of applications for nominees to its Global Young Entrepreneur Scholarship (YES!) Program, a corporate youth outreach initiative. The world’s leading provider of Internet Solutions to small and medium sized businesses (SMB) launched this initiative in October 2007 at the company’s annual Global Excellence and Innovation (E&I) Conference in Orlando, Florida. Since then, over 1500 Internet Consultants in the WSI franchisee network have been scouting young, entrepreneurial talent globally. While the distinguished panel of selection committee members in the WSI network is currently evaluating several applications for the program, the names of finalists will be announced by June 30th, 2008. The announcement will be timed to synchronize with the close of the academic year for most Universities, marking the entry of fresh graduates into the employment market and corporate world.

The WSI YES! Program is a way for WSI to help foster and encourage the development of the next generation of entrepreneurs by recognizing young, aspiring business people between the ages of 21 to 31. WSI will award its franchise to each of the 6 selected young entrepreneurs in its major markets (Canada, USA, Central and Latin America, United Kingdom, Europe, Asia Pacific). The Scholarship also includes a special Mentoring program by other experienced WSI Consultants. This will aid the young entrepreneurs in establishing a sound Internet services and consulting business that helps SMB customers stay competitive and profitable. The WSI training, Internet Marketing Certification and fast-track Mentoring they receive will help them deliver Internet solutions catering to all audiences, with a special focus on the millennial consumer. Potential applicants or individuals interested in nominating a young entrepreneur can get more information about the program on the WSI website at

Ron McArthur, president, WSI says, “The WSI Global Young Entrepreneur Scholarship (YES!) Program seeks to attract talented, motivated and energetic youth who are qualified and skilled to become the partners businesses need in order to succeed with their Internet Marketing initiatives. At WSI, we always strive to ensure the highest calibre of franchisees with the potential and aptitude that is required to keep pace with the dynamic and exciting nature of the Internet and the SMB market space. A strong entrepreneurial spirit and the desire to excel through innovation and continuous learning are paramount to the success of a WSI Consultant. Through this program we will empower young entrepreneurs to deliver what SMBs need - leverage Internet marketing, build their brands online and meet the shift in consumer culture influenced by the Millennial generation.”

Computer-able since childhood, the Millennials are accustomed to depending on computers, instant messaging, e-mail, the Web, interactive media, and cell phones in every aspect of their daily lives. These tools and gadgets have visibly and permanently influenced the personalities, attitudes, expectations, and learning strategies of this generation. WSI’s YES Program aims to tap into this extraordinary potential of today’s youngsters connecting them with the SME market.

Max Kalles, a WSI Internet Marketing Consultant and a very successful young entrepreneur says, "This program is a great way to give young people the chance they need to enter the entrepreneurial world. My own experience makes me a firm believer of the fact that one year of running your own business is better than four years of business school. This program elevates the fear and risk that most youth have when it comes to being an entrepreneur. While it’s true that once they start they will never want to work for anyone else again, the great part is that with the skills and knowledge they gain, they will never have to.”

Karen Sullivan-Correa, another WSI Consultant and one of the selection committee members for the Yes! Program says, “Rather than bridging the digital divide in a globalized world, technology and the Internet seem to be widening it in communities everywhere, even in our richest and more technologically-advanced nations. WSI's YES! program aims to make a difference in the lives of many young people around the world who believe that “good things don't come our way”. A WSI franchise for 6 young entrepreneurs will have a tremendous impact on their own (as well as their families' and communities') lives and futures. WSI is giving back to our world markets in a very powerful way and I am proud to be a part of this family of world citizens.”