YEH! Yogurt Joins BeTheBoss


Apr 04, 2013

As one of Canada's most promising food franchises, YEH! Yogurt has just joined the ever-expanding list of successful franchise opportunities at BeTheBoss.

According to Mark Segall, Business Development Director for YEH! Yogurt, the company has already proven that it can attract a wide range of customers, while offering a unique experience that leaves the competition far behind.

Segall said that one of the first things to attract potential new franchisees and customers is the trendy URBAN COOL design of each location. YEH! Yogurt has a target audience of women aged 15-34, but the sleek, contemporary design attracts everyone, from members of the local university football team to grandparents taking the grandkids out for a treat.

Another way that YEH! stands out is that it offers a huge variety of other specialty products. In addition to frozen yogurt treats, YEH! offer delicious delights such as waffles, crepes, smores, smoothies and a range of gourmet coffees. During spring/summer 2013, YEH plans to expand its menu to include even more tasty fare.

Based in Quebec, YEH! Yogurt has already built a strong presence in its home province and Segall said that the company intends to remain focused on staying No.1 in its home base. There are, however, plans for future expansion, particularly along the Atlantic coast. Toward that end, YEH has already opened a store in Halifax and intends to add a number of locations throughout eastern Canada. There are also plans to continue to add stores in Ontario and, eventually, a number of franchises in the western half of Canada as well.

Segall said that YEH! Yogurt currently has several locations ready, available and waiting for qualified, enthusiastic new franchisees. Segall went on to say that all of these available franchises are located in sites that were handpicked by executive staff members for their desirability and potential to generate revenue.

YEH! Yogurt is currently offering attractive packages for multi-unit, territory and master franchisees. In addition, the company's entry franchise fee is priced competitively, particularly in view of the turnkey service and continuous support that it offers its franchisees.

According to Segall, YEH! Yogurt is a family-owned business that is committed to growing its brand across Canada. Toward that end, CEOs Marvin and Jon Gurman are actively involved in the day-to-day operation of the business. This hands-on approach extends to its franchisees as well and franchise owners can rely on getting full support and help from the head office night and day, weekdays and weekends.

Segall said that he and his team are particularly enthusiastic about the company's decision to join BeTheBoss. The decision was made based on the site's effective SEO numbers, in addition to its high visibility among online franchise resources. The company was particularly impressed by the many potential franchisees that visit BeTheBoss on a regular basis.

If you're interested in finding out more information about this promising business, visit BeTheBoss to find out about available YEH! Yogurt franchises in your area.