A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections - Franchisee, Pedro Giorgana


Feb 12, 2015

Franchising gave me the opportunity I’ve always wanted – to take hold of my professional destiny and own my own business.

Why franchising?

After more than a decade of working in restaurants, hotels and construction (renovations) in management roles, I looked around and realized that the opportunity for advancement was limited. I’m ambitious and driven, and spending my life working for someone else wasn’t something I wanted to spend any more time doing than I already had.

I’ve lived all over the world – I was born in Mexico, but have also lived in England, Paris, the Dominican Republic, Puerto Rico and Spain, and my wife is from China. We have a 4-year-old daughter, and we’ve lived in Canada since 2003.

How does your background make you qualified for A Buyer’s Choice Franchise?

My background in construction lends itself well to A Buyer’s Choice. After living in all of these different countries, I’ve seen many unique styles of homes. My attention to detail, coupled with my experience working in construction in different climates, has given me a keen eye for the things other inspectors might miss. By knowing how homes are built, it’s easy for me to hone in on the details and ensure that every home I inspect is the safest it can be.

Why A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections Franchise?

It suits my needs – a mid-size franchise with a proven concept, headed up by a true industry professional, Bill Redfern. There is great communication between the franchisor and franchisees, and the research that A Buyer’s Choice does on its territories is expansive – they choose areas with a relative lack of competition and great need. Plus, A Buyer’s Choice had one of the best training programs I could find – both in the beginning stages and ongoing. Because of the generally low franchise fee, I was able to jump-start my franchise without too much of a financial burden. That was a big pro in choosing A Buyer’s Choice. The help I got from the franchisor was wonderful – I felt very prepared to get started with home inspections as soon as I had completed training. The company is run like a well-oiled machine.