ActionCoach Franchisee - Kyle Oberndorf


Feb 16, 2011

As the business world moves faster and becomes more competitive, it can be difficult to keep up with both the changes in industry and innovations in sales, marketing and management strategies. What happens when your company flatlines in growth and productivity? So many businesses start with a bang and then a few years in, come to a standstill with no viable reason. Kyle Oberndorf of ActionCOACH B.C. is determined to help businesses  move out of their stalled situations, one company at a time.

Kyle is an expert in business coaching and he works with established companies to change the way owners and managers run their businesses in British Columbia, allowing them to make more money and free up their time to enjoy the best that life has to offer. Since Kyle is a small business owner himself, he knows what it’s like to worry about the day to day survival of a business, and can guide owners to unleashing their potential and achieving all the dreams and visions they initially had when they started their new business.

Business coaches like Kyle use a wealth of tools and strategies to change how companies in Surrey and area operate for the better. The advantages of working with an ActionCOACH are many, and their process differs from the average business-consulting firms in that they train how to build an owner, not just the business.

As an ActionCOACH, Kyle focuses on these key areas:

• Sales; Marketing and Advertising;
• Team Building and Recruitment;
• Systems and Business Development,
• Customer Service and
• Succession Planning

ActionCOACH provides comprehensive products and services to benefit those that want to take advantage business expertise. With specialized clubs, workshops, seminars, one-to-one coaching, mentoring programs, books, cds, and dvd’s, and ActionCOACH will work with clients to achieve optimum business practices improving the quality of life for both the owner and their team. By utilizing a solid mission statement and creating an environment open to achieving goals, Kyle Oberndorf encourages more businesses to take stock in their management skills and benefit from the opportunities offered through ActionCOACH.

Kyle Oberndorf is passionate about his work and his sports. When not working with ActionCOACH, you can find him sitting in a race car in Pole Position, or competing in the waterskiing Canadian National Championships. In winter he can be found on the slopes of the B.C Mountains skiing or snowboarding.

Kyle coached many of today’s national waterskiing champions from 1995-2005 and was ranked amongst the top 10 boat drivers in Canada.

In 2008 after following his dream of racing open wheel race cars, he became a Formula “B” racer. He set himself the goal of winning the Championship for the west coast of North America and with the help of an amazing team and working with a great coach he achieved his goal! Kyle currently lives in Surrey, B.C.