Vera's Burger Shack Franchisee - Anthony Tse


Oct 16, 2013

When I got involved in Vera’s Burger Shack, it was like most people get involved in the food industry, as an hourly employee, looking to make money while I was in school.

After working in that capacity at Vera’s and other places, I started to realize that being in the restaurant business wasn’t a job, it was a passion. The ability to make people happy and serve great food was very rewarding.

When I was looking to make a more permanent move into the foodservice industry, Vera’s was the natural choice. The commitment to the product being the best it can be is infectious. The open kitchen concept is great, because it allows me to interact with the customers while we are making their food. Really, a great product and great service is what Vera’s is all about and why I am a franchise partner of theirs.

Prior to me acquiring this store, the Owners of the company (Gerald Tritt and Noah Cantor) met with me several times to ensure that I was ready for the challenge and prepared to keep the standards high.

The support I got when I opened was great, from the ownership; to the operations people it was first class. Vera’s gives you the tools to be a successful operator and makes sure you understand why we do it the Vera’s way. As an employee I felt I had a good handle on things but they really spent the time and continue to spend the time, helping in all aspects of the business, from marketing, sales, operations, and even employee feedback from their secret shoppers.

Despite the fact that we have won every readers poll in Vancouver for best burgers for the last 10 years, our head office doesn’t rest on its laurels. They continue to try to evolve the brand, look at new menu ideas, seek input form the franchise partners and build a better burger and franchise community.

Thus far my experience with Vera’s has been great, they continue to try to find ways to make our stores better and get a better return for everyone. They recognize the importance of the give and take nature of the franchisor/franchisee relationship and try to ensure that it is balanced.

Vera’s has been great experience for me and has taught me so much about running a business. I continue to find it rewarding and engaging, and don’t forget the burgers, they are awesome!