A & W Franchise Opportunity - Franchisee, Shamez Dosani


Apr 09, 2015

BeTheBoss: Why did you choose to join A&W? What drew you to the franchise?

Shamez Dosani: I had the good fortune of personally knowing an a&w franchisee. My good friend Alykhan Damji, his father and uncle all spoke very highly of the organization, particularly when it came to support received by the head office team. I would have to say that it was this that drew us to A&W.

BTB: What support do you receive from A&W franchise?

SD: A&W's head office team provided us with support from day 1 including helping us to receive financial support from the banks, to providing us with an excellent training program that fully prepared us for our opening. Now, we have a team fully dedicated to ensure our success.

BTB: What resources have been the most helpful so far?

SD:A&W's marketing strategies have been essential to our success. Their business acumen is sound thereby enabling us to penetrate the market in a dominant way. Their understanding of how to cater to different marketplaces separates them from all other fast food chains.

BTB: What do you hope to accomplish as an A&W Franchisee?

SD:As a franchisee I hope to help A&W further expand their franchise and also to eventually sit on their standards board in order to give back to this company.

BTB: What advise can you offer to other prospective A&W franchisees?

SD: Before our location opened up I was fortunate enough to have been chosen to take part in a program where I was training employees for a new store. This gave me valuable experience into all aspects of the operations including the initial set-up process. My advice to any potential candidate would be to seek out as much training as possible before opening your restaurant. Challenges are the only constant in this industry.

BTB: What made you decide a franchise was the right way to go?

SD:I think experience plays a valuable role in this industry. A&W has shown its resilience and competence which takes some of the stress away when making a decision such as this one.