Bill Lowe - Color Glo Halifax Franchisee


Nov 14, 2012

My ColorGlo career started a little different than most. I actually worked for another ColorGlo franchisee for a few years before getting the opportunity to have my own franchise. Now, 6 years later, I feel very lucky to have gotten the chance to start out on my own and make my company what it is today.

I was in my early twenties and it was a bit scary to me, but i knew i had a great business behind me with tons of potential. You can really work almost anywhere that has plastic, leather, vinyl, carpet etc. and that is almost everywhere. I have worked on cars, planes, boats, jackets, shoes, offices, restaurants, furniture...the list goes on and on. There will never be a shortage of work in this field, due to the economy, people are much happier to repair items than to spend the money to replace. I can't imagine doing anything else now, with the diversity i am never bored and there is constantly a new challenge to keep things interesting.

I have always felt supported from above and Linda, Larry and Darcy are like a second family to me, I look forward to the yearly conventions with them, there is new training and always new products to test. I have specialized products to work with that are top quality for this industry. The company is always trying to come up with new products that are user friendly and make repairs easier. ColorGlo is also an environmentally friendly company, by repairing items that would otherwise go to the landfill, and keeping our products environmentally friendly as well.

I have never had to advertise to get work, my business has grown from word of mouth. I have good relationships with my regular clients, and they are more than happy to spread my name to others. There is no better feeling than the look on someone's face when you have just saved their favorite couch, or when the family dog has torn the car to pieces and you tell them you can make it better, or when a customer looks at a repair and they can't even tell where the damage was. After years of doing repairs, I'm still able to pull off jobs that even I am amazed by.