Brian Tracy International Licensee – Zamon Kingi


Jul 09, 2014

With 10 years of sales success in the business opportunity sector and the past 17 months in franchise sales, I am acutely aware that established systems and ongoing support are the keys to successful outcomes for business owners and sales consultants. As a Brian Tracy International licensee, I received a well-defined road map which gave me a fast start. The access to proven methods and high-level materials also opened the door to many more personal and business opportunities.

Brian Tracy is a Business Toolkit Demanded by Businesses across Canada

I chose to partner with Brian Tracy International Franchise last year after carefully researching and reviewing the many options available. I wanted to join an established and globally-recognized brand. I preferred a brand with a professional body of programs such as the behavioral assessment tools, leadership programs, and sales training. Ideally, I needed products I could easily “bolt-on” to my current business as a marketing and sales professional.

I also sought the challenge of learning new skills and with Brian Tracy International Franchise, I was pleased to acquire the toolkit demanded by businesses across Canada. Since October of last year, I have been able to turn-around numerous businesses. I’ve trained over 100 business owners on how to improve their sales skills and their bottom-line via a comprehensive, 1-day sales training course. The results of this training have been nothing short of remarkable with one franchise client seeing a transformation in revenue among their new franchisees by 290% in one month!

Brian Tracy International's Vision and Wisdom from 30+years of Research and Development

This transformation would not have been possible without the vision and wisdom of the Brian Tracy Franchise, his 30+ years of research and development in “how” we best learn, how we assimilate content, and how it can be immediately applied the very next day.

Becoming a Brian Tracy International licensee exceeded my expectations in a number of ways. I have been surprised by the power of the brand and how I have obtained instant credibility when I call upon businesses. I love that I can customize the content to suit individual clients and how the content is transferred and taught utilizing powerful modalities. I am impressed by the caliber of support and commitment I receive for my ongoing success and finally, I am honored to be working with this world-class organization.

Brian Tracy - A Scalable Venture

My company Zamon Marketing System has experienced great success by leveraging the Brian Tracy franchise program. I now have a robust sales success training program which is in-demand by franchise companies looking to give their new franchisees the best start possible. The program also makes an immediate, positive impact on the franchisor’s royalties.

Have More Credibility, Status and Marketability

Are you are a business consultant who wants to captain your own ship? If you desire more credibility, status and marketability, I cannot recommend a Brian Tracy International license highly enough. The training on its own is worthwhile because you will upgrade your own skills and have more confidence to promote your business. But the fact that you own the rights to this outstanding material and can easily go out and deliver it to businesses wanting and needing this content (at a great consulting rate, with rave reviews!), makes it a no-brainer business decision.