Buck or Two Franchisee - Corey Schaefer


Mar 12, 2014

A franchise business is a wonderful opportunity for many people who want to run their own company and reap the benefits that it has to offer. Most franchises offer training and even financial help to get people on the road to success. For people who are still debating the decision, hearing what others have to say about being a franchise owner can help. One such person is Corey Schaefer of the Buck or Two franchise.

According to Schaefer, the franchise opportunity gave him the ideal chance to transfer his business skills to a retail place that lets him set his own schedule, implement his own ideas and ultimately experience all the success that being a business owner has to offer.

Schaefer chose Buck or Two because he liked the way their system is set up to optimize success for franchisees. That includes a top notch computer system that makes it simple to track popular sales and keep bestsellers on store shelves. He also felt like the location, community involvement and the chance to spend more time with his family were all values of Buck or Two that he could stand behind.

Schaefer reports that he was successful from his very first day on the job. He reports that the easy to implement training program makes it simple for him to get all of his employees on the same page so they can work together for overall business success that benefits each person. Future plans include working on selling skills so the franchise can increase its sales and make more profit.

Coming into a franchise means having certain skills, which Schaefer says includes people skills, a strong work ethic and management experience. Armed with these talents, he says anyone who has the passion can easily grow their Buck or Two franchise. He also says the career is extremely rewarding and would recommend it to anyone who is interested.