ChemStation - Toronto Franchisee, Terry Butryn


Mar 27, 2019

ChemStation is a chemical manufacturing franchise with corporate headquarters based in Dayton, Ohio. There are over 60 franchises in the USA and Mexico and we are the first in Canada. The products and service offerings provide opportunities in many diverse market applications for cleaning and sanitizing solutions.     What made you decide to own your own business instead of being an employee of a company?

Terry Butryn:     From a young age I wanted to own a business but knew I would benefit from some “big company” experience and training. I joined a large multi-national in the chemical industry early in my career. The politics and desire to be more hands on to make an impact pushed me from the publicly traded “corporate world” to the world of smaller privately held, entrepreneurial driven companies for the next stages of my career. Next, myself and some others partners acquired a smaller privately held company and grew it over the next few years. Once I saw the slower growth curve for my current company, I was attracted to the opportunity to acquire the ChemStation franchise in Ontario for further growth.      What made you choose ChemStation from the opportunities you looked at?

Terry Butryn:      What attracted me to ChemStation was the potential growth opportunity to leverage my experience and assets from my current business. Also, the product and service model was attractive to many industry segments within Ontario. The business model was unique and could provide great benefits to many customers in our area.      Can you describe the support you have received/continue to receive from the ChemStation head office team as you got started and on an ongoing basis?

Terry Butryn:      The people of ChemStation are also unique. Between corporate staff and other franchisee owners and salespeople, there is a great deal of support. From traveling to see other franchisees to corporate sales and operations training, the support has been very beneficial to help us start up as quickly as possible. Ongoing technical support helps with product, formulations and systems recommendations to help meet the needs of our customers.      What do you like best about this business?

Terry Butryn:      What I like best about the business is the seemingly limitless opportunities with the many product applications. It is exciting to get up every day and think of developing new customers and markets.      What aspects of the business were particularly important to you when considering this opportunity? (feedback from other owners within the brand, H.O. support, business model, flexibility, growth potential, etc.)?

Terry Butryn:      The most important aspect of the business for me when considering ChemStation was the opportunity to build a business with the support of corporate and other franchisee owners that had great market potential. During the due diligence process many of the other franchise owners were very open and sharing to help me fully understand all opportunities and challenges becoming a franchise owner.      What are the biggest advantages that ChemStation gives you in your business? (eg marketing, negotiating with vendors, support, etc.)

Terry Butryn:      The biggest advantage advantage with the ChemStation business is the unique product and system solutions model. It is unique in the market versus other large and smaller competitors. 

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