Chris Harvey Buys Minuteman Press Franchise in London South, Ontario, Canada


Oct 10, 2019

Chris Harvey opened a business to become his own boss, so he opened an established Minuteman Press design, marketing, and printing franchise despite not having any printing industry experience. Chris says, “All of the tools have been provided since day one. The training I’ve received from Minuteman Press International plus the ongoing field support have provided me with decades of knowledge that other print companies just can’t match.”

“I have spent my entire career in the Electrical & Industrial Automation Industry. I have always focused on putting my customers first. This has allowed me to be successful in growing several different types of products and services across a few different corporations. Today, I apply those skills to my Minuteman Press franchise.”

Chris wanted to partner with an experienced franchisor who is an industry leader.  He mentions three reasons why he chose Minuteman Press:

1.      “Yes, we are a franchise, but we are also enabled to run our centre the way we want to run the business. Most franchises create a box and don’t allow you the flexibility to truly be an entrepreneur.”

2.     The ongoing local franchise support is extremely helpful. “All of the tools and knowledge have been given to me as a Minuteman Press franchise owner to become successful in the printing industry.”

3.     Owning my own Minuteman Press centre allows me to have solid work-life balance. I rely on my team to run the day to day operations in the centre while I am able to focus on growing the business. This allows me to run the business instead of the business running me.”

Rewards of Owning a Business and Sparking Customer Growth

Helping businesses while supporting their own growth is the best reward for Chris and his team. “The overall feeling of accomplishment while growing the centre is very rewarding. I love finding new customers and helping them grow their business while I am growing my own. How much better can it get than that?”

Chris adds, “I purchased an existing franchise. The first few months we have seen growth, mainly focused on driving customer service and product quality that Minuteman Press International is known for. Customers have seen a real difference in a very short period of time.”

One of the advantages of owning a printing business is that the products and services offered are essential to numerous businesses and remain in high demand. Chris explains, “Our customer base is very diverse and will continue to grow that way. We work with several small independent businesses that benefit from us becoming part of their teams. They can’t afford to hire the expertise themselves, so they rely on us.”

Advice to Others

Chris offers this advice for other potential Minuteman Press franchisees: “Trust and follow the Minuteman Press process and you will be successful. Also, make sure you are doing your marketing, marketing, and more marketing! Do one or two things each day that moves your business forward.”

He concludes, “I have been dreaming for years of becoming my own boss and running a successful business. The decision to leave a very successful career in a completely different field was extremely difficult. Now that I have made the change, I wish I would have done it sooner. If you are looking at opening a new Minuteman Press franchise or purchasing an existing location, all I can say is do it. Follow the process and don’t look back!”

About Minuteman Press

Minuteman Press provides high quality products and services for today's business professionals, going far beyond ink on paper. Our franchises offer innovative branding solutions custom designs, promotional products, branded apparel, direct mail marketing, large format printing (banners and posters), signs and graphics, and much more. No prior experience is needed to own and operate a successful Minuteman Press franchise.