Chris Yoon - Select Sandwich Franchisee


Dec 20, 2012

I came to Canada on January 1, 2001. I arrived in Toronto with my wife, two daughters and two suitcases. I did not have much and came here ready to work and provide for my family. After not making a good living trying to sell cars, I needed a change. My wife worked for Select Sandwich for 2 1/2 years and when I found out the store in Mississauga was up for sale I knew this was the opportunity I was waiting for.

Since I purchased the store on May 5, 2004 I have put both my daughters through university and have moved into a larger home twice in 5 years. Head Office is always coming out with new trends and ideas to keep my business moving forward. I know that as long as I work hard and keep my store up to standard I will not need to worry about the future. My store has had a renovation. The store looks great and I receive nice comments from my customers.