Colin Reid - Signarama Franchisee


Feb 14, 2013

In 2005 I began my search, for what I didn’t know but I knew one thing, I was not completely happy working for someone else. I had been in the printing business for over 15 years working for the same company. I was an excellent sales person, achieving great numbers but still it wasn’t enough. Head hunters called me on a regular basis and offered me positions that had a greater capacity for growth, but I knew in my heart that no offer was enough. One night while browsing a franchise website, I came across a SIGNARAMA listing. It looked interesting, the world’s largest sign franchise, and it was in a category that I could definitely relate too so I emailed for more information. That was the beginning of a rewarding business that grew into being one of the most successful franchises in the SIGNARAMA system where I am included in the top 1% of revenue earners of SIGNARAMA storeowners worldwide.

My SIGNARAMA franchise is based out of Edmonton, Alberta, a geographically remote area and not in an area of Canada that one would assume a franchise could even come close to being in the top 1%. But let me assure you, it took a lot of work and team effort. We followed the system, building trust with face to face interactions, networking at various conferences and meetings, getting our name out there and we quickly grew the business into a successful one. I employ a great team that has grown to ten employees and we all work towards a common goal and that is to continually build our client base, being the best we can be at our business and treating our clients with the outmost respect. The rewards of our attitude and team work show in the high amount of repeat business we enjoy.

Over the years I’ve served on a number of SIGNARAMA committees but what brings me the most satisfaction is working as a mentor to new franchisees. When I began my franchise with SIGNARAMA, I was surrounded by people who supported me. Many of these people were existing franchisees known in the system as mentors. With head office support and the guidance I received from my mentors, I really was not alone in the building of my business.

SIGNARAMA consists of an amazing group of people who know what they are doing. It’s a close knit, family oriented organization and one that I am proud to belong too.