Craig Neiderheiser - Kosama Franchisee


Aug 21, 2013

For me, opening a Kosama location wasn’t just about making a business decision; it was a complete overhaul of my life.

On January 1, 2008, I weighed over 300 pounds and didn’t feel good about my health. I signed up for a Kosama class and felt the same way a lot of people do when they first start: nervous and scared. I had no idea that I’d end up falling in love with the program.

After being a member and shedding the weight, I took a stab at coaching a few Kosama classes. I really liked being able to help others achieve their health and fitness goals, just like Kosama had helped me. Eventually I became a manager of the location in Clive, Iowa, before I finally decided to open my own Kosama franchise in Altoona.

The support I got when I opened was incredible. Kosama teaches you everything you need to be a successful business owner, from marketing, sales, operations, and even the coaching aspect. I had a little bit of a head start since I’d been through the program, but even people who are new to Kosama will tell you that the support is great. Even after we opened, Kosama creates new marketing tools, classes, programs to help us keep driving new members through the doors, and provides us with supplements and technology to help provide even more value while boosting our bottom line.

Before I owned a Kosama, I wasn’t really that satisfied in my day job. I’d put in long hours and the only thing I’d get would be a paycheck at the end of the week. With Kosama, I still put in long hours, but I get so much more out of my work than just money. I get to change people’s lives and watch them fall in love with the program. I get to help them fit into that next size pair of pants, or go on a shopping spree because their clothes are all just too big. It’s amazing.

These days, I’m over 100 pounds lighter, more professional satisfied, and just happier than I ever was before. For anyone thinking about opening a franchised business, my advice would be to find something you’re passionate about. Anyone can work a job; but owning a business should be more than that. Helping people lose weight and feel better is my passion, and Kosama has helped me to turn that into a rewarding career.