Mane Society Salon Spa Franchisee - Daniel Di Tommaso


Apr 12, 2012

I was born and raised just outside of Toronto and have been in the hair and beauty industry for over 21 years. I gained the official status of being a franchise owner in 2008 when I opened a Mane Society Salon Spa in the charming and warm town of Bolton, Ontario. By year 2010, I had a total of 3 Mane Society stores and still continue to grow.

Currently, I co-own 3 Mane Society Salon Spa franchises, and within 3years went from a staff of 2 to almost 40. ManeSociety offers much support not only from partners but also from the franchise head office. They have a great system in terms of turn key operation, work ethic and policies in place to create a foundation to build success upon.

"In my opinion the Mane Society Brand and franchise far exceed what any other franchise competitor has to offer in the beauty industry."

When I was in the preliminary stages of deciding to open a ManeSociety franchise, I sourced out and researched much of the criteria myself and had a pretty good understanding of how franchises worked. I sought help from those with more experience and I was able to learn alot about the foundation of running a larger scaled Operation. From comparing business plans and strategies from different franchises to the comparison of having owned my own salon in the past, toying with the idea to try a franchise became more and more appealing.

Since opening Mane Society Salon Spa franchises , I have been able to catapult in achieving personal goals and financial stability in a much shorter time. Mane Society Salon Spa offers tremendous growth as a business owner and personally, has enabled me to not only staff my stores with confidence, but I also support the reputation of a franchise which assists in building strong relationships with distributors, local media and most importantly a loyal clientele.