Doctor Screen Distributor Don Shand Shares his Experience


May 17, 2023

Don Shand has had a variety of work experiences over the years that taught him many skills.

After Moving to Vancouver Island, he sought a way to take his skills and build a business out of them. Sitting down with his wife who has a lot of experience running a business, they decided to look and see what’s out there that would utilize Dons skills while employing his passion for helping people.

After some searching, they found Doctor Screen and thought this is it! A business that focuses on bringing fresh air into people’s homes while keeping less than desirable insects and animals out, all while utilizing the skills he’s learned over the years. He thought this was exactly what he was looking for, contacted Doctor Screen, and now is completely focused on bringing the fresh air to all.

Don has been the Victoria and North Island Screen Doctor since 2022, after determining that it would be a great fit with his skills and contacting the Doctor Screen head office via the site.


Doctor Screen is actively growing throughout Canada and is continuously working to become the country’s #1 mobile screening service. All of our Doctors bring the best quality screening products and great service right to the client’s door with our mobile trailers.

You, too, can join our team and become a Doctor in your area!