Downsizing Diva Franchisee - Brenda Alderdice


Oct 15, 2014

Why did you choose the brand?

I chose the Diva brand for a number of various reasons, knowing that it had been in business for 10 plus years before becoming a franchise and having a reputable track record already established really appealed to me. It really hit me after my experience moving my elderly father that I knew this was the right approach for me. Belonging to a franchise makes you stay focused and work harder because you are aware of how other franchisees are performing. After meeting with the owners, franchise recruiter and sales manager, I felt good about the company and I knew that I was going to have the necessary support that I needed. I really like being able to reassure my clients as part of a franchise we can provide consistent personalized service for our clients and make the moving process smooth and seamless, all the while having a little fun and letting them know that downsizing and moving can be a positive transition. Plus the boas bring smiles and new beginnings for seniors!

What benefits does the brand offer?

Downsizing Diva franchise has given me the opportunity to start my own business without all the start-up costs: branding creativity, printing literature, web design, technical set up etc. Having all this in place allowed me to launch my business within a reasonable time frame. It has allowed me to do what I do best… “Work with seniors and move them.” After raising my children and being a home maker for many years, deciding to join the franchise gave me the confidence that I could “do it”. The support was there for me when I needed it in the beginning, but as I developed my business I had the freedom to run my company “my way” and with my own style. I was able to grow at my own pace and not have someone calling with expectations and quotas. The company wants to make this your own style and they respect that we all work differently. It is a well-known fact that many seniors will need to relocate within the next several years, so having that senior demographic a reality will be an asset as my business grows.

Share a great experience with the franchise! There is a component to “being a Diva” that is empowering as a woman. Being able to see other women become successful and running their own business for the first time. For me, it was after many years of being a mom and raising a family, who would have thought that I could do this? This franchise gave me the confidence and knowledge to allow me to make it happen and was I ready! They gave me the road map, and I drove it! Being able to travel with our fellow Diva franchise owners to the annual NASMM conference is is educational and definitely very memorable. Being part of a growing company is very satisfying, but knowing that you are in independent business owner is very rewarding!