Bill Agoston - EVO Canada Sales Rep


Sep 19, 2012

I began my new career at EVO CANADA as an in house sales rep representative. I quickly learned every nuance of the industry and I began to realize that, with EVO’s help, I could branch out on my own and become my OWN BOSS!!! I instantly became an ISO and I now own my own business that generates well over $15,000.00 each and every month.

By partnering with EVO, I have attained financial security for me and my family. As a previous owner of a restaurant franchise, I can honestly tell you that Joining EVO Canada was the BEST & Easiest Decision I have ever made.

All the Tools to drive my business are at my fingertips. Furthermore our support staff is accessible twenty four hours a day, seven days a week to offer MY MERCHANTS support.

By providing very competitive processing rates for accepting credit and debit cards to Merchants across Canada, I receive a substantial residual from the profit created by EVERY one of my Merchants.

As my merchant portfolio grows, so does my monthly profit along with it.

So, if you have ever thought of branching out on your own in the financial sector, here is your chance to do so with little to no investment. The Guys and Gals are here at EVO make a great team.

I urge you to take this first step towards your financial freedom, by becoming a partner of EVO Canada.

BE THE BOSS of your own Independent Sales Organization and you can be as successful as I am.

Start earning and growing your own Personal LIFE TIME RESIDUAL TODAY!