FocalPoint Franchisee - Jim Masters


Jul 26, 2011

As a leading business coaching franchise, FocalPoint International provides professional coaching to small business owners and entrepreneurs around the world. Founded in 2000, FocalPoint uses time-tested concepts and proven strategies developed by internationally renowned business consultant Brian Tracy. In fact, one of FocalPoint’s unique advantages is the immediate brand recognition Brian Tracy has in the marketplace. And well he should.

Having worked with clients such as IBM, McDonnell Douglas and Johnson & Johnson, Brian Tracy’s professional and personal development audio programs rank #1 in global sales, his literature has been translated into 18 languages throughout 30 countries, and he is considered one of the foremost authorities on organizational, personal and professional development.

FocalPoint provides franchisees with a comprehensive marketing, training, support and development system like the Coach Accelerator Program that gets new coaches up to speed fast and ensures their success. When you combine these advantages with the explosive growth of professional and business coaching, it is easy to see why FocalPoint’s franchisees are perfectly positioned to succeed in one of the world’s fastest growing industries.

Looking for a Few Good Men and Women

FocalPoint provides two different franchise options: a Master Franchise or a Business Coaching Franchise. With a Master Franchise, you become an area developer, and are responsible for hiring Business Coaching franchisees within a geographical territory. A Business Coach Franchise provides the one- on-one coaching directly to business people.

Stephen Thompson, President of FocalPoint International, is acutely aware, that FocalPoint is only as good as the franchisees who provide the coaching. That’s why FocalPoint chooses only select individuals who not only possess the right skills and character, but who also fit with the organizational culture. “We’re look- ing for people who have a passion for helping business owners,” says Thompson. “People who have owned or operated a business, and who have an entrepreneurial spirit, yet they want to be part of a team.”

And once you become a franchisee, FocalPoint provides the services and support you need to be successful. In fact, FocalPoint provides you with a number of different products to market, including seminars, tapes and books, in addition to your coaching services. They also offer a number of different easy-to-imple- ment marketing strategies that help take advantage of your personal sales style. Plus, FocalPoint provides an outstanding support staff and a network of other franchisees to help answer any questions and relate best practices.

Together... Everyone Achieves More

After years working for Ameritrade, Jim Masters was looking for a new challenge. With his years of experience and his desire to help others succeed with their business, coaching seemed a good option. “By helping busi- ness owners make their lives better, FocalPoint allows me to do some- thing I feel is important,” says Masters. He felt FocalPoint’s proven methods, along with the recognition of the Brian Tracy brand, gave him instant credibility and mini- mized his risk of starting a coaching business. Masters is also quick to point out that FocalPoint’s focus on team, training and support is ex- traordinary. He regularly participates in the company’s weekly conference calls and discussion groups where franchisees share advice and tips. He added, “FocalPoint allows the franchisees to contribute to their future success by asking our opin- ions, and they make changes on their processes based on what we’re saying.” FocalPoint’s willingness to listen to their franchisees reinforces the idea that they are all part of the team. And Masters knows that means a successful future for both FocalPoint and himself.