Foot Solutions Franchisee - David Putnam


Feb 17, 2011

David Putnam spent eighteen months searching for the right franchise opportunity while shutting down his current business. Having started the business from scratch he was aware of the tremendous effort involved in creating and maintaining a successful business. David was looking for a strong franchise concept that focused on a growing market segment, was health related and where he could easily apply to his location.  

One day his brother mentioned that he should check out Foot Solutions, as they say the rest was history. David did his due diligence visiting several Foot Solutions stores, talked to the owners and contacted Foot Solutions in Atlanta. When David bought his franchise 6 years ago, he dealt directly with Foot Solutions founder Ray Margiano.

Ray told David two things that convinced him that he had found the right company. “You may not get rich but if you work hard you will put smiles on the people’s faces that you help and make a decent living.” Secondly, there was no need to rush the purchase decision. Foot Solutions would here tomorrow and next year if that is how long it took to make a decision. What a difference, up to that point, everyone else was offering to get rich quick.

Foot Solutions initial and ongoing training program is very extensive and a must for every owner. Innovation and the competition never stops, so having a leading Franchisor looking ahead allows you to focus on growing and running the business on a daily basis. 

Location as in any business is important but strong networking skills play a key part of David’s successful Foot Solutions store. Educating health care professionals and the general public about proper shoe fitting, orthotics and foot care in general is an ongoing process that generates a steady stream of clients. Long gone are the days in which women would accept orthopedic looking shoes. All stores need to keep up with what is currently available in fashionable comfort shoes.

According to David, the work never stops when you own your own business but our operations are profitable and have experienced growth every year, even in the poor economy. Foot Solutions is not for everyone but if you enjoy helping people and believe you are an entrepreneur (unemployable by others) it could be the right fit for you.