Geoffrey Brown - Kumon Franchisee


Jan 09, 2013

Four years ago I was just completing my university business degree with plans of becoming a teacher when I was approached by my boss, a Kumon franchisee at the time, to be her successor. I was excited by this opportunity because I’ve always known I wanted to pursue a career in education, but I was also developing a passion for the business world as well. For me, Kumon was the intersection of both my passions and I just couldn’t turn it down. At a time when Ontario is crowded with qualified teachers and the job market is only becoming increasingly more competitive, I consider myself lucky to have fallen on such perfect circumstances.

There are many reasons why I gave up the opportunity to become a teacher and try my hand at being a Kumon Instructor/franchisee instead, and I don’t regret it for a minute. Although the Kumon franchise opportunity requires a full-time effort, its flexibility still allows me to pursue my interests like working on my Masters of Education degree part-time. When I eventually decide to start a family, this will again be very beneficial to me. I structure my own days instead of doing the regular nine-to-five that many of my university peers are now stuck to, which helps me achieve a better work-life balance and spend more time doing the things I love.

One of the reasons I enjoy franchise ownership is that it allows me to control my own financial fate. If I perform poorly I can’t pay myself, but when I make the right choices my profits can soar. Kumon is a good fit for me because of the degree of autonomy it provides in this regard—not too much to limit my ability to improve my business, but not too little to leave me without direction or sacrifice the value of our brand.

From my eight years of Kumon experience, I have long been aware of the potential Kumon provides for its students and, in turn, its franchisees. During this time, I have seen countless students achieve incredible results. I have seen timid students become outspoken individuals; students brought down by academic labels grow to amaze their teachers and classmates; and students who would dread schoolwork ask outright for tests and look forward to new, more difficult material. I had always wanted to become a traditional teacher, but after working with Kumon, I am very proud to call myself a Kumon Instructor. It’s a great feeling knowing that with my job I am able to individualize our program to each student based on their abilities – not their age or grade level, and help them to realize their full potential.