Sidestep Coaching Franchise - Glen Ritchie


Mar 13, 2013

I joined Sidestep Coaching for several reasons. Ultimately, the driving force for me to join Sidestep was to get out of the rat race and gain control of my professional career without having a cap on income and provide to a better life for myself and my family.

What attracted me to join Sidestep Coaching was the infrastructure they had in place, a tremendous coaching program, and crazy great support. They have developed key relationships in the market to enable me to gain clients quickly. Part of why I looked for a franchise to begin with was because I knew that if I joined a coaching system I would have a competitive advantage over independent coaches, I wouldn't have to re-invent the wheel, and I wanted to join a franchise system that was proven. I wanted to make an incredible living and experience a tremendous amount of success for myself and for clients that work with me.

The training was phenomenal. It was three fast paced, information packed days, including sitting with a Sidestep Coach. We met with real prospects so I could witness how the Sidestep systems and programs work in real world scenarios! I knew that what Sidestep was offering to clients was great, and I was enthusiastic to be a part of it. When I finished my training I was very excited and confident and, within a day or two, met with some of my own prospects. What elevated my confidence in Sidestep Coaching was that they had shown me what business professionals were struggling with in building their business. These struggles were completely reflected in what was actually happening in the market. Sidestep gives me the tools, programs, strategies and solutions to help business owners be really successful.

I started to market my business and from day one I had immediate interest from potential prospects - by day 4 I had secured my first client!

I have already surpassed my expectations for the first year of business growth in less than 6 months. I look forward to many more profitable years with Sidestep Coaching.