Good Feet Franchisee - Cindy Meltesen


Dec 16, 2014

Owner of two Good Feet franchise stores in Minneapolis MN, Cindy Meltesen is a retail business owner success and best described as a “Driver of the Business”.

At the young age of 19 years old, Cindy started and owned her own commercial cleaning business, kept books for both her and her husband’s business and raised a family all at the same time! After many years of owning her own business to managing retail stores with a staff of over 300, Cindy took a couple of years off to participate in a Women’s Habitat for Humanity, volunteering her time in helping repair roof tops.

When her volunteering time was over, Cindy relocated to Milwaukee and decided to make a career move away from retail. She quickly found herself interviewing for a position with Good Feet. Still retail, but a unique kind of retail; Good Feet is a store that specialized in prefabricated arch supports. A retail environment that also relies heavily on marketing and advertising which Cindy was quickly promoted and trained as the Marketing Buyer. After several year of buying advertising on TV, Radio, and Social Media, as well as producing TV spots from customer testimonials, Cindy and her fiancée decided to purchase their own Good Feet store in Eau Claire WI, and quickly expanded with another location in La Crosse.

In 2010, Cindy and her fiancée purchased the Minneapolis market, which they now own 2 locations there and are planning on opening their 3rd in February 2015.

Cindy says: “This business has afforded me a purpose in life”. Her growing up years and independence has given her the determination to be able to overcome any obstacle, and make a difference in people’s lives, plus having her own business has allowed herself to have a flexible schedule to be able to spend time with her grandchildren. She enjoys cooking, knitting, embroidering, needlepoint, weaving and love gardening but says she’s terrible in painting, drawing, pottery and arranging flowers!

Cindy truly believes her past experiences have enabled her to be a competent and successful Good Feet franchisee. She says having a great lawyer who can give good business advice has enabled her to strengthen relationships instead of weakening them. She’s is always willing to share her knowledge and mentor other franchisees.

About Good Feet:

Starting out as a small family-owned business in 1992, the first Good Feet® Store opened in San Diego, California in 1995 to help people who, like the company’s founder, suffered tremendous foot and back pain that was so crippling their quality of life had deteriorated. Soon, Good Feet Arch Supports were improving people’s lives every day and Good Feet stores began to open in major cities across the United States. Through television infomercials, Good Feet customers shared their life changing experiences and Good Feet began to experience remarkable success as a retail arch support company.