Grade Math Franchisee - Pat Swift


Oct 04, 2010

Pat Swift worked for Grade Learning as an instructor a number of years and later as a centre manager.  While there she had the opportunity to see the Grade Math Programs in action – and she liked what she saw.  While Pat came from the Grade Learning family, this certainly isn’t mandatory for Grade Math Programs franchisees!  Successful franchisees have come to Grade Math with various backgrounds including sales, finance, marketing, administration and management; what all of these franchisees had in common was that they were passionate about student success.

Twice weekly in the evenings, the Grade Math centre operates in a local community space for approximately two hours per night. Children from Primary to grade 10 will visit the centre at least once per week in order to gain the full benefits of the Grade Math program. On the nights that the students don’t attend the centre, students dedicate 15 to 20 minutes each night to working on the material provided by Grade Math Programs. 

Students’ skill, understanding and ability to learn new concepts dramatically improve.  Pat saw firsthand the improvements in students’ grades and also saw their self-esteem increase with their newly-honed math skills.  This was something she wanted to be a part of.  "As a person who has always enjoyed new challenges, especially when working with children, I found the idea of a Grade Math franchise an exciting opportunity. Introducing children and their parents to the outcomes possible with the Grade Math program has proven a positive experience for all.”

Pat quickly saw the other benefits of being a Grade Math franchise owner as well.  An educational business like Grade Math has all the ingredients of a great business decision: small initial investment, strong customer demand, significant earning potential, flexible working hours, and continued support to ensure your long-term success.  Not only that, but Grade Math is mapped to the Ontario math curriculum, making it a great choice for supplemental mathematics education.

Grade Math includes the use of the trademarks, designs, logos and systems originally designed by Grade Learning. Grade Math Programs combines over 17 years of experience with an innovative approach to learning math. Using educational materials designed to meet the Ontario math curriculum, Grade Math Programs provides students with the tools that they need.  This was something that played a huge role in Pat’s comfort and confidence in joining the Grade Math franchise team.

Pat applied for a Grade Math franchise for herself – and one for her daughters to run together! This was how strongly Pat felt about Grade Math being the right choice for herself and her family.  Both franchise applications were approved and Pat moved from being a centre manager at Grade Learning to being a Grade Math Programs franchisee. 

From there, Pat began her training.  The Grade Math franchisee training program gives you the practical tools you need to successfully work in the supplemental education industry and will prepare you for your exciting new career. The training focuses on business, administration, accounting, customer service, hiring, safety, sales, marketing, business planning and goal-setting. You are never alone with Grade Math, from your initial training to ongoing field learning and support.  “The unfailing support from Head Office, always pleasant and cheerful, is consistent, timely, and greatly appreciated. I am pleased with my decision to purchase the Grade Math franchise and look forward to the future."

With her training completed, Pat began the grass-roots marketing and building of her business.  Pat’s enrolment numbers began to climb.  “Every child enrolled thus far has seen a noticeable improvement in their grades. The children enjoy coming to the program so much that I was asked by the students to stay open during the March Break!”

Running her own home-based business is proving a satisfying and lucrative experience for Pat.   If you bring an overwhelming spirit and determination to succeed; a commitment to working hard; a dedication to satisfying customers; a desire to take full ownership and responsibility for your business success; a well of fresh ideas to inject into the system... GRADE MATH IS what’s next for you.