Great Canadian Dollar Store Franchisee - Kevin Kane


Aug 20, 2014

Kevin Kane will soon be celebrating the opening of a new Great Canadian Dollar Store in Fredericton, N.B. at the end of summer 2014. It is the 29th location that he has opened since being awarded with the first Great Canadian Dollar Store in Atlantic Canada in 1997. As an experienced Franchise Member, Kevin is incredibly passionate about the dollar store business. He has truly mastered an understanding of his local markets, successfully tailoring his stores to the unique needs of the diverse communities he serves.

It all began 18 years ago, when Kevin was not only the store manager of a Sobey’s but also a value seeker. He was continually impressed by the amazing purchases his wife Jane would return with after shopping at a local dollar store. The quality of merchandise that she was able to find at a great price piqued Kevin’s interest, making him begin to seriously consider the possibility of entering into the dollar store franchise business.

After a year of research, opening a Great Canadian Dollar Store franchise location was decidedly the best way for Kevin to break into the extreme value market. Having two decades experience in the grocery industry and a long term desire to operate his own franchise business, Great Canadian Dollar Store home office provided Kevin with a clear idea of where to start and how to avoid common mistakes made by new business owners. Kevin stated that “Great Canadian Dollar Store’s home office helped me with comparable market evaluation, product quantity, layout and even staff wages. Rather than doing it all on my own, it was beneficial to have comparisons in order for me to make a decision.” Recently, Great Canadian Dollar Store has been working with Kevin in converting his stores to a newly implemented POS system, which will be a huge time saver for his staff.

With our proven 3P’s training, initial inventory consultations, and on-going mentoring, Great Canadian Dollar Store instills the know-how and confidence to help franchise members succeed.Great Canadian Dollar Store’s jingle ‘Where you pay less & you get more’ falls in line with what attracted Kevin Kane to operating a dollar store in the first place. With a great selection of extreme value products and ‘WOW’ items (a product not conventionally found in discount stores), customers are consistently surprised and pleased with the products and prices offered at Kevin’s stores.

Great Canadian Dollar Store offers Franchise Members access to volume discount prices, great buying power, and a network of loyal suppliers. This all benefits Kevin and aids him in the successful operation of his stores. Kevin is also very proud of the people on his team, attributing a big part of his success to his management team. His managers are meticulous about keeping their stores tidy and creating visually appealing displays and end caps. They are also invaluably knowledgeable about what type of product the customers are seeking in their area. In some stores the party section may be the store’s most popular section, whereas consumers in other areas, for example, may be purchasing more stationery and craft supplies. Kevin and his managers truly have the understanding of the consumer demands in local markets down to an art. Their courteous and energetic nature help Kevin’s Great Canadian Dollar Stores stand out from the competition. His trust in his skilled managers, combined with his passion for the franchise business, encourages the growth and realization of Kevin’s dollar store dream.