Greco Lean and Fit Franchise Business Owner - Adam Fata


Oct 01, 2014

In 2005, Adam realized he was not on the right path in life. In his mid-20s, he was 300lbs, living a very unhealthy lifestyle and hadn’t found anything in his career that he loved to do.

At Christmas, his brother bought him a membership at Greco Lean and Fit. Adam went into his local Greco studio for the initial consultation and joined class the very next day. He immediately fell in love with the high-intensity atmosphere, and the consistent mentoring and encouragement he received from the trainers and staff. He thoroughly followed the nutritional plan that was presented to him, and over the next year, Adam lost 80 lbs!

At this time, Greco Fitness had only 2 franchise locations. Adam was so amazed at the program and the results that he achieved, that he sat down with the owners, Tony Greco and Paolo Fiorin and convinced them to sell their Kanata franchise location. As one of the first franchisees, he worked under Tony and Paolo for about a year, learning the keys to success in managing a Greco studio. He honed his training techniques, and starting taking over the Lean and Fit classes.

5 years later, Adam still runs one of the highest intensity workouts you can find in any Greco studio. He has gone on to open two more successful Greco franchise studios, and recently sold his original franchise location.

When asked about his success, Adam responded, “It’s not rocket-science, its all about customer service, excellence in training, and creating an environment that helps people forget about their daily problems. People love to come here and work out, all you need to do is facilitate that high-energy environment and teach them how to eat to right.”

On any given day, you can walk into one of Adam’s Greco studios and find him greeting clients at the door, brewing up espresso for energy-starved members, and taking over class in a fun, energetic way. If you ask Adam how he’s doing, he always responds, “I’m living the dream!” When you see him in action, you’ll know he really means it!