Greg Jordan - MaaS Pros Franchisee


Dec 03, 2012

I am just so excited about my decision to join the MaaS Pros team. I was a bit hesitant at first because MaaS Pros did not have an extensive network of people I could speak with so in my opinion this was somewhat of a gamble.

I spent a fair bit of time doing my research and speaking with the MaaS Pros team. What I came to find was MaaS Pros has the most complete suite of products and services of anyone in the industry. That really surprised me but the more I researched the more often MaaS Pros just kept coming up ahead of the competition. What I also found is that virtually every small business I spoke with had a need for at least some of the products that MaaS Pros offers. Tell me that is not the perfect combination.

So I concluded that MaaS Pros had the most products and services. What about the people who own MaaS Pros? What are they all about? First of all there are three of them and together they make up a very impressive team.

The Founder, Anton Annestan is very forward thinking and only wants one thing. That is that MaaS Pros be the best and most sought after franchise in the industry. Personally, I think he might just get there. Anton is also the most creative, hardest working and most dedicated person I have ever met in my life.

Jessica Rawlley is in charge of franchisee training and development. Jessica is actually a paralegal by profession and she brings these “attention to detail” skills to MaaS Pros. Her training skills are unbelievable and she can take a fairly technical concept and make it like I am learning my ABC’s.

Mike Craig is the third partner and he is really the grey hair in the bunch. He has been around for quite a few years and has a knack for being able to sift through issues and pick out the really important ones. He is also one of the best “listeners” I have ever met.

All three of these people are extremely personable and very easy to speak with.

After all this my gut told me MaaS Pros is the way to go. We started with training and it is phenomenal. I do not have a technical background but when I finished my training I felt very confident and proceeded to immediately go out and visit clients. I felt very confident discussing website design, social media marketing, domains and hosting to name a few. Part of my confidence was because I knew I had a team of support professionals ready, willing and able to back me up. I can honestly say there has not been one time when I needed help that the support was not there and only too pleased to be of assistance; which has allowed me to generate many new accounts.

So would I make the same decision again? Absolutely would. MaaS Pros is everything and more than I ever dreamed.