The Interface Financial Franchisee - Ryan, L'ecuver


Jan 01, 2015

Ryan L’ecuyer from Ontario is an Electrician by trade. His trade has made him a person in demand, and that demand aspect has led him to some very interesting and ever-changing career opportunities. In the past 15 years, he has worked as a supervisor, superintendent and project planner. At one time he even took the entrepreneurial path and started his own Electrical business.

With the demand for individuals with his skill set he has found opportunities both in his home Province of Ontario, and to the west in the Oil Sands operations in Northern Alberta.

All of this seems very far removed from where Ryan is today - a very successful Interface franchisee.

Because Ryan has had first-hand business experience, he readily knows the need of a regular cash flow. When he was running his own business he regularly accepted contracts from much larger entities than his own. This meant that in reality when it came time to pay, they were very much in the driver’s seat. His major expense in his business was labour. His employees expected to be paid on a regular basis, and they were oblivious to his problems as ‘The Boss’ with the company cash flow. As Ryan says, “quite often it was a juggling act-seeing how many balls I could keep in the air at one time”.

Things worked out, however, not without a few sleepless nights and hoping that deposits would get to the bank before the wages cheques arrived.

The Interface Financial Group is the solution - Ryan says that if he knew then what he knows now, and that such services as Interface were so readily available, he would have saved himself many sleepless nights.

With all of that experience behind him Ryan quickly gravitated towards the Interface 50/50 franchise, when his days in Northern Alberta came to a close. Ryan is now out spreading the word to small expanding companies that there is a light at the end of their tunnel and Interface is holding that light.

Interface is an Invoice Discounter - in other words as a manufacturer or provider of services (as was Ryan) you can offer Interface some of your current unpaid invoices, and they will purchase them at a small discount. This gives you instant cash to pay wages or whatever else needs to be done to your growing business.

As Ryan meets with his clients he is readily able to empathize with their circumstances, but more than that he can offer a real-time practical solution. A solution that takes him 3 or 4 days to put together, which is a remarkably short time frame to craft any financial facility.

Ryan will be the first to admit that growth will always demand additional working capital. When that extra capital through Invoice Discounting is introduced, it creates growth which creates the demand for more capital, and the wheel of expansion keeps on turning.

The Interface Financial group is a proven 42-year old franchise system that operates in 9 countries. Ryan has his operations base in Barrie, just about an hour’s drive north of Toronto. Location, however, is not of great importance as one of the many features of Interface is the fact that it is a non-territorial franchise.