Interview with a Poké Station Franchisee


Sep 29, 2023

Easy Wang is the owner of the Poké Station located at 241 Notre-Dame St W, in Old Montreal (the Old Port); he’s owned since 2021!


What made you choose Le Poké Station from all the franchise opportunities you looked at?

The difference that made me look at first was that it was new and different from everything else I was looking at; then the exoticism of a Hawaiian Concept made me smile and dream about it; after analyzing the cost of it all and the extremely low ROI, the only thing left for me to be 100% convinced was to taste a bowl, incognito, and here we are 2 years later!


Can you describe the support you got from the Le Poké Station head office team as you got started?

MIND BLOWING!!!!!! They offered me 3 locations; they did the feasibility studies based on the rent of all 3; they did the business plan; they introduced me to their Bankers; they made sure I got the financing I needed (SBL); they did the plans; they applied for ALL the permits I needed to open; then the 2 weeks training; they built my Facebook page; of course they also built my store; installed and programmed my POS system; connected it to UBER EATS, DoorDash & Skip the Dishes and finally my trainer did the FIRST FOOD order. It literally felt that I was in business for 5 years prior to that!

They spoon-fed me from the start to finish, and it all took 3 months…. A complete turnkey operation!


What have you found to be your greatest key to success?

Honestly 3 things:

  • Our strong relationship with UBER EATS, DoorDash & Skip the Dishes
  • Our incredible recipes and freshness created and controlled by our central kitchen
  • And the quickness of service; in and out in 5 minutes max


Describe the most rewarding part of owning your business?

Making great money LOL; being the boss and seeing customers coming back 3 to 4 times a week! It’s very cool!


What are your goals going forward?

I’m in the process of opening another Poké Bowl. I want to own 5 or 6 in the next 5 years and then re-evaluate.


What goals did you have when you joined Le Poké Station?

To find a good money-making franchise. I never ever thought of owning or opening multiple stores… This Group S.I.N.I. gave me the opportunity to do so and now I have a very comfortable life for my wife and two young children.


What advice would you give to a potential franchisee?

Oooof, Look for the BEST ROI franchise at the lowest possible cost, differentiation, great quality food and complete quality control.

And then listen very closely to the franchisor; don’t forget that as a franchisee you’re their customer, they’ve been there, they know what works and what does not!


Do not buck the system.

Those are my advices.


What are the biggest advantages that Le Poke Station gives you in your business?

Via their Central Kitchen that controls the quality, portion, freshness, price of ingredients (with 50 stores, suppliers really listen to us); constant supplies.

With their relationship with UBER EATS, DoorDash & Skip the Dishes, the marketing is quintuple.

And finally, we practice essentially only local marketing and advertising and each store personalize their marketing to their direct local region.


How does Le Poké Station help you to differentiate yourself from your competition?

What competition LOL? I’m serious.