Intrigue Media Franchisee - Fred Scheuer and Dave Hannaberg


Mar 19, 2014

Fred and Dave are friends for 20 years, say since diaper days. After finishing school, they fostered their talent through various sales jobs, even loved to compete with each other who got the most leads. Eventually, they were no longer happy to work for "the man" and looked for an opportunity to be their own boss. Both went through Guelph University where they met Intrigue Media founders Rob Murray and Paul Demarco who just started Intrigue Media in 2007 as means to pay for tuition and beer. Over the years, Intrigue'''s business grew up and further growth was to come though franchising.

Once Fred and Dave were convinced that this is the right business for them, they signed up with Intrigue Media for Milton, ON. In addition to the franchise fee, investment in TVs was required as the revenue model is setting up TVs in high traffic consumer locations - ten of them to get started. Good for Fred and Dave that they are under 40 years old and therefore qualifying for a CYBF (Canadian Youth Business Foundation) start-up loan. CYBF was familiar with the Intrigue Media business model and absolutely willing to help these young entrepreneurs with a loan at favourable conditions. Early 2012 everything was ready to go - Intrigue Media Halton Region is ready to help local businesses to get noticed and found.

First order of business: Find at least ten locations to set up TVs and connect them to the internet. This proved to be not difficult; some location owners even recommended this to friends who own a business that is a suitable location. Now, it was time to make sales and money. Fred and Dave's knack for sales made it easy for them to call and visit potential customers in their community. The business took off at a great pace and before the first year was over, their initial investment was paid back. For year two, the big question was: Getting more money in our pockets or invest further, thinking more long-term? Fred and Dave decided for the latter - and purchased another community territory from Intrigue, the town of Oakville, Ontario. Oakville is full of affluent consumers and local businesses are eager tapping into this market. The first TVs are up right now and the sales process started. There is no looking back.