Jan-Pro Canada - Franchisee Colin Bates


Jan 08, 2010

An accomplished business leader with over 25 years of management experience in a number telecommunications companies, Colin is recognized as a problem-solver, the go-to person. He was looking for an opportunity that would leverage his leadership strengths and business skills, while helping others realize their dreams and aspirations. During his research he found the perfect opportunity and made the decision to become the Master Franchise owner for the Central Ontario area.

While helping others realize their dream of business ownership, Colin has been building his customer base. "Providing the best service possible is the fundamental operating philosophy for us at JAN-PRO of Central Ontario." said Colin. "Offering a quality service and satisfying our customers is very gratifying to us. Everything we do in our Customer Contact Program is designed to focus on customer service."

“During 2008 our office was recognized as the fastest growth net-gain mid-market office in the system.” “The trip to Hawaii was great, but more than that, the sense of accomplishment of knowing how many people we helped to get their business going, well that was very rewarding.” “That is one of the things I really like about this business, helping people help themselves!”

“Our Canadian Country Master, Jean Roberge has been a key component of our success. Jean is always available, sees us regularly and provides us the freedom to make this system our own. That support was a key part of our decision to purchase and again when I decided to expand our business operations.” “I’m not looking to re-invent the wheel, just take something that works well and improve upon it.”

Colin and his team have plenty of opportunities in the Greater Toronto Area. As the area continues to grow, they depend on their loyal customer base. They follow JAN-PRO's proven marketing and operations program to guide them in their dealings with each customer.

"This is a straight forward business," Colin said. "Even more than that, the system is designed to give every franchisee the opportunity to be successful." Colin is very aware that JAN-PRO is in the 'customer satisfaction' business, stressing to his franchisees that he has the same expectations as customers do....they need to run their business well and stay focused on their Customers, when they do, it creates a winning situation for everyone!

“Jan-Pro has been a great decision for me and my family; it could be for you to. Call me and I’d be happy to talk with you about how we can help you start your own Jan-Pro Franchise!”