Jayson Little - Konz Pizza...in a cone Franchisee


Apr 11, 2017

What made you choose Konz Pizza in a Cone from all the franchise opportunities you looked at?

It was a simple decision for me to come into the Konz Pizza in a cone family. From the 1st meeting with the founder Kris, I knew it was an opportunity I did not want to miss out on. His knowledge and passion for the food industry came through immediately. Combined with the unique concept of pizza in a cone, corporate support structure, and profit margins, it became clear this was the franchise for me.

Can you describe the support you got from the Konz Pizza in a Cone head office team as you got started?

-Hands on training and introduction with ordering food from suppliers.
-Hands on training for learning how to prep food according to manual and obtain efficiency.
-Assistance to help find venues and or events to sustain consistent success.
-Hands-on training on how to use the profit, food costs, labour costs, etc computer program with ease.
-Hands on training on all POSTS systems.
-24/7 support for any questions at anytime.

What have you found to be your greatest key to success?

The greatest key to success stemmed from the corporate training received from day one. Add that with a great work ethic, genuine attitude to succeed, and a passion to learn and have fun day to day.

Describe the most rewarding part of owning your business?

The freedom of being my own boss is at the top. Also, the ability to grow and help others grow within this franchise is something you just can’t put a tag on.

What are your goals going forward?

To continue to grow with the franchise and help other partners, franchisees and their families.

What goals did you have when you joined Konz Pizza in a Cone?

- Ensure that Konz was recognized as a major contender in the Pizza industry.
-Grow my business to its fullest potential as fast as I could.
- Expand my territory in the industry and with the aid of corporate support.
-Work hard and have fun.

What advice would you give to a potential franchisee?

I would let them know how amazing the Konz family is and how the business model and corporate support is structured to ensure success.

What are the biggest advantages that Konz Pizza in a Cone gives you in your business?

-The concept and finely tuned process of pizza in a cone is a direct advantage over anyone else in the QSR industry.
-Decades of experience in the food, marketing, advertising, customer service industries.

How does Konz Pizza in a Cone help you to differentiate yourself from your competition?

Pizza is the number one favorite food globally. Being recreated in the perfect form for ease of eating at the table or on the go, no one else offers such a product and experience. Our customers are loyal and proud to show off how unique and great tasting the product is.

Also, corporate does an immense amount of diligence to ensure each location will be the best and busiest for Konz ensuring continuing success over the years.

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