Joey's Urban Franchisee - Ann & Chris Armstrong


Oct 23, 2013

Ann and Chris are Sherwood Park natives with a passion for food and the restaurant industry. Both Ann and Chris had previous restaurant experience but found themselves working in public service and Alberta’s Oil Patch.

Ann wanted Chris closer to home and their journey started with Joey’s. Ann and Chris assembled a team of family members, including Ann’s daughter Mandy and Mandy’s husband David, her son Drew and Drew’s wife Tami. They opened their Food Court operation in August of 2012 and have not looked back. Chris is home, again, every night with the family and they get to spend their time together working on something they both love and are passionate about.

Joeys urban in Sherwood park

Using his experience as a Journeyman cook, Chris has taken control of the kitchen and as well as their marketing program. Ann and Mandy use their customer service experience and have taken the reigns with staffing and front of house management. Together, they are all proving to be a force to be reckoned with, in hospitality, in Sherwood Park.

They have quickly become a favorite in the Sherwood Park Mall offering several marketing initiatives within the mall and community. They regularly donate tips to charitable causes in the community and donate Joey’s Urban gift certificates to mall promotions.

They have engrained themselves in the community and are constantly promoting their brand in it. The whole family has become friends with their staff and guests, transforming the relationships they build into loyalty and respect.

Their attention to detail is what has truly made their franchise a success. Joey’s is proud to have the Armstrong’s, and their team of family members, as franchise partners and looks forward to them opening their next location, coming soon!

Franchisees in Sherwood Park

Ann and Chris Armstrong, Franchisees of the Joeys Urban in Sherwood Park, Alberta.