KFC Franchisee - Mokhtar Hussein


Apr 09, 2014

I started my journey as a cook in 1994 as a KFC franchisee in London, United Kingdom. Through hard work, I rose to become a supervisor and later, an assistant manager. When I moved to Canada, I decided to continue my career in the food industry with Yum! Restaurants International (Canada) Company (“Yum!”, The franchisor for KFC). Yum! has built a very strong brand over the years; in fact, KFC is the world's favourite fried chicken chain under Yum!'s brand leadership. Yum! is known as the world's Quick-Service-Restaurant leader, by leading its franchisees in over 120 countries globally and it shows a clear direction towards success. As a franchisee, starting with a recognizable brand means you have an established customer base, a real benefit when you are starting a new business.

I have learned to value a clean environment and appreciate the importance in timeliness in service delivery through the years in which I have worked within KFC. In 2006, I joined Yum! as a KFC franchisee - It made me realize that I want to expand my business due to the brand’s open, visible and excellent communication between us (the franchisee) and Yum! (the franchisor).

In 2013, I capitalized on an excellent opportunity to expand my store network when I acquired another restaurant in Aldergrove, BC. This made me realize my ongoing passion to grow my business within the brand. In a short span, I have transformed this new location using the skills and experiences gained, to turn around its previous sales trend, to make a profit at the end of the year.

Conclusively, I would like to recognize and thank YUM! for its great franchise value system, customer attraction, development expertise, quality on-boarding and training, reliable supply chain and a solid business support.