Kim Warburton - Curvaceous Consignments


Feb 21, 2013

Kim Warburton was already a customer and consignor of Curvaceous Consignments when she approached us about opening her own store in The Beaches area of Toronto.

“I had just left my job and was looking for something different; I wanted something fun and exciting to do for the second half of my life,” said Kim.

According to Kim, “There was such a warm and friendly atmosphere when visiting Curvaceous Consignments that I thought this is what I want to do.”

Besides having a love for clothes and decorating, Kim also enjoys the social aspect of the business as our customers’ love that we are here to offer them more variety and lower prices for size 14 and up clothing.

“Kim Dobie from Curvaceous Consignments was there and continues to be there to help me whenever required, but also allowing us the freedom to add some of our own decorating flare to personalize our location as our own.

“I love it so much and see the potential growth of the business that I am now considering opening a second location,” said Warburton