Laser Sheer Franchisee - Navvy Kaury


Apr 28, 2010

Interview with Laser Sheer Franchisee - Navvy Kaury

By Pammie Bhullar © 2010


Name: Courtney Braetan
Business Name: LaserSheer (West Edmonton Mall)
Business Description: Advanced Skin Rejuvenation and Laser Hair Removal
Years In Business: 5


[Pammie] Navvy, How did you find out about the Laser Sheer Franchise opportunity?

[Courtney]I used to come in and have my brows shaped, had Botox treatments and even had my face treated for acne. I was so grateful. So when I found out that you and Tony were considering franchising this business, I knew then I wanted others to experience the support and medical attention I received. A lot of my family and friends saw the difference in me and wanted to know my secret.

[Pammie] That is very inspiring. Thank you. Could you give us some idea about your business operations, your services and your products in detail?

[Courtney] Our clinic is open from 10 am to 6 pm Monday through Fridays.  We offer laser hair removal treatments, chemical peals, Botox, fillers and with our terrific staff of doctors and technicians we treat people for acne scars and veins. Plus, because our clinic here in West Edmonton Mall is the centre for training staff or new franchise owners, as well as doctors and technicians from other companies, our traffic can be busy. But we love it.

[Pammie] What have been your major challenges/obstacles so far? How did you overcome them?

[Courtney] Learning how to set up a business was probably the main challenge. But the training is very detailed and hands-on with accounting software and telephone manners helped to make sure the business end is taken care of. Of course, the laser equipment training can also be challenging. The professionals here take the time to make sure we were comfortable and confident in the skills before letting us work on our clients. To be honest, the competition worried me for a while. There are quite a few hair removal businesses in the Edmonton area alone. But with the specific marketing plan, promotions and staying true to our mission to help people live healthier and better lives, we succeeded. Our business continues to grow through in our new and repeat customers.

[Pammie] What specific types of online marketing tools are you using successfully?

[Courtney] My two biggest guns are my own client base who refer me to their families and friends, plus as a franchisee with LaserSheer, the marketing strategy is offered from the base company. Tony Bhullar uses proven strategies in radio, newspaper, optimized website, online articles and online Google Adwords. These work very well for us.

[Pammie] Have you always envisioned yourself doing what you are doing now?

[Courtney] I never imagined being a business woman so soon! But I always wanted to be an entrepreneur with my own business and I felt inspired by you to go ahead and give it a shot.  I’m glad I did. This has been a rewarding career choice for me.

[Pammie] What is your least favourite part of running your own business? And your favourite part?

[Courtney] Least is probably late nights and oh, bookkeeping. Things have to stay current or else paper piles up, you know? Favourite is making deposits! Plus, we have a shared insurance plan with the base business and other franchisees. This certainly helps reduce expenses, and it offers a very solid, healthy package for all our staff.

[Pammie] What important advice or tips would you give to a new Laser Sheer franchise business owner?

[Courtney] Find a specific group of people with hair removal, skin and acne problems and offer them healthy and long-term solutions to help them feel better about themselves! That's my million dollar advice.

Pammie Bhuller is the co-owner of LaserSheer™ Edmonton along with her husband, Tony Bhuller. Offering beauty and skin rejuvenation solutions, Pammie supports and trains new franchisee’s in business and marketing.