Ledgers Canada Franchisee - Gulam Madari


Dec 11, 2013

After completing school with a Bachelor of Commerce and a Diploma in Financial Management, Gulam moved on to complete 4 years of the Certified General Accountants (CGA) Program, then starting a home-based accounting practice in 1995, Gulam became frustrated by the lack of growth in his business and the challenges that starting your own accounting practice presents. It was at this time that he began to look for an opportunity that would allow him to utilize his skills and experience in the accounting field.

Through an internet search, Gulam came across BeTheBoss.ca and the Ledgers Franchise System. After a short-period, Gulam decided that Ledgers represented everything he was looking for in a business and joined the Ledgers Network in July 2007, being awarded a Franchise for the Ottawa West area.

“My decision to join the Ledgers Network was twofold; I was immediately able to offer additional services such as business plans and incorporations to clients, setting my business apart from others in the industry, and I also gained instant credibility by being a part of a Nationally recognized brand.” Ledgers Professionals provide a tremendous array of services to small business, their owners and the public. With services ranging from basic bookkeeping to Corporate Tax, Business Plans and Incorporations, the revenue potential for a franchise owner is limited only to their efforts and desire to succeed. The Ledgers model is a strong one; Ledgers is not one of a bookkeeping service whereby the franchise owner pushes paper all day, but one of a business model where the owner is out in the community, providing small business owners with advice, guidance and support while staff back at the office provides the day-to-day bookkeeping and accounting services.

With the infrastructure, support and experience at Ledgers Canada’s head office, franchise owners can provide services that most ‘bookkeepers’ cannot, and at prices a small business owner can afford.

Since joining the Ledgers Network, Gulam’s business has grown steadily and in 2012 he reached the ‘Top 10’ list of Ledgers Franchises in terms of Revenues, he also earned himself recognition for ‘Best Marketing Initiatives’ at Ledgers Canada’s annual conference. 2013 has so far proven to be no different; Gulam’s business has grown incredibly and by June, he was closing in on the ‘Top 5’ list.

This year, Gulam was once again recognized for his tremendous efforts and success, being award Franchise of the Year for 2013; “For an individual to receive this award is a Major achievement, and this recognition is greatly deserved by Gulam for his efforts, Gulam is an incredible Team player and exemplifies the success one can receive for their efforts. In the past year, Gulam has consistently raised the bar for the levels of success attainable for a Ledgers franchise owner, said Ledgers Canada President Gordon Haslam.

Today, Gulam processes hundreds of Personal Income Tax Returns, has numerous monthly bookkeeping clients and dozens of Corporate Tax clients, his practice continues to grow each month and he feels he will be in the ‘Top 5’ by the end of the year. Having achieved incredible success in only a short period of time, Gulam now has his sights set on opening another Ledgers Franchise location in nearby Gatineau, QC.