LGI Industrial & Construction Supplies Franchisee - TJ & Linsey McClure


Jan 29, 2014

TJ & Linsey McClure, owners of LGI’s® newest industrial and construction supply franchise, are making quite the impression in the bustling city of Nanaimo on British Columbia’s Vancouver Island. Since opening their doors in June of this year, TJ & Linsey have proven themselves to be both hardworking and resourceful, doing all that is necessary to provide the customer service that is LGI’s® hallmark.

Located on a busy street in Nanaimo, TJ & Linsey continue to see an ever-increasing amount of walk-in traffic. This is a direct result great location and their dedicated outside sales staff who are pounding the pavement every day spreading the LGI® name to every machinist, marina, and sawmill (to name a few!). TJ notes “The customers are great, and I am finding they are far more loyal than in the retail sector. Also there are so many great products available to our customers, it makes it fun and new every day.”

Coming from a hardware and merchandising background, this husband and wife team enjoyed the challenge of setting up their own store the way they wanted it. “Once the drywall, paint, flooring and all things LGI® were finished the real fun began.” Just recently, their close knit staff has grown with the addition of experienced outside sales representative Mike Barrett. Bringing 30+ years’ worth of fastener experience to the table, Mike is sure to use his product knowledge to provide great service and expand the store’s customer base. Working alongside Mike is Juergen Bowman, LGI® Nanaimo’s first outside sales representative who brings a world of valuable experience to the team.

The growth and success of the LGI®Nanaimo store, under the leadership of TJ & Linsey, has been exciting for the LGI® Franchise team to watch. The dedication and excitement is palpable, exemplifying the LGI® culture that President & Owner Greg Porter has always cultivated. When asked about the initial training TJ received at Head Office, TJ was very pleased with his experience. “LGI was great at breaking up the training session into multiple subjects as to keep it fresh throughout the day. As well, having the vendor representatives come in for one on one training was also very helpful.” The staff at LGI’s® Head Office believe that training and product knowledge is an integral part of becoming part of the LGI® family, and working with vendor partners who support this ideal is paramount.

An open and honest working relationship is an important part of our business, and those interested in the franchise opportunity are encouraged to speak with existing franchisees regarding their experiences. TJ encourages others to seriously consider the unique opportunity LGI® offers as the only industrial and construction supply franchise in Canada. “This is a great time to get in on a new, growing franchise that has huge opportunities in this sector. There is nothing else like it out there.”

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