Liquid Nutrition Franchisee - Jonathan Taylor


Oct 30, 2013

Jonathan Taylor has been with Liquid Nutrition since the beginning. Working his way up through the ranks to ultimately become one of the company’s most prized franchisees. With five stores in Montreal, one can often find Taylor behind the counter at one of his locations, discussing the benefits in detail of the Liquid Nutrition lifestyle. Knowledgeable, passionate, and truly a part of the team, Jonathan Taylor exemplifies the type of franchisee that is ideal for the Liquid Nutrition family.

His take on being a franchisee follows a few simple rules. First and foremost, he and his partners have a wonderful relationship. Phillippe Gadbois and Lucia Florescu are Taylor’s trusted partners and forging and consistently building on their relationship has no doubt contributed to all of their successes with Liquid Nutrition.

In running his stores, Taylor is diligent with his inventory and weekly P&Ls, making sure that he is on top of each of his locations. This meticulous approach also extends to Taylor’s product-knowledge. His thirst for information has even lead him to take a course on nutrition, all to better service his clientele and his stores.

He also has a tremendous focus on training his staff properly. He believes that training is never a waste of money and that trained employees have a sense of empowerment that goes a long way. Taylor’s focus on proper training instills pride in his staff, as they feel a sense of ownership and confidence in what they are doing day-to-day. This does not mean that Taylor leaves no room for human error. He is realistic that mistakes will occur, but ultimately, the responsibility lies with the franchisee and anticipating and recognizing this fact has lead to realistic expectations and constant preparation.

One of Taylor’s most important rules is that he remains positive and true to the Liquid Nutrition culture, and he believes that yelling is never an option.

Another tactic employed by Taylor is monitoring employees and giving them consistent monthly feedback in order to teach, guide, correct and improve performance.

Finally, Jonathan Taylor is the pride of Liquid Nutrition because of his last and most important rule of being a franchisee: Be honest with everyone, all the time. It is this sentiment that allows the company and the franchisee to continue to communicate, grow, succeed and always foster respect.