Messy Maid Franchisee - Kimberley Fowlow


Nov 12, 2014

Corporate culture plays a big part in how Messy Maid operates its day-to-day operations. Messy Maid franchise holds itself to the highest standards, in product selection, staff recruitment and training. By embracing the Mission Statement - “We bring a personal touch to your home, allowing you to live life to the fullest.” – all Management, Staff and Franchisees perform at optimum client satisfaction levels.

Kimberley Fowlow who is the Managing Director of Messy Maid franchise Northumberland, Hastings and Prince Edward Counties is an excellent representative for the brand. She states, “We treat the clients home like it is our own. We sort, de-clutter and organize your home. We create an environment that in turn improves the quality of life of our clients. You could say we spoil them and we love doing it. Our clients are always excited when we visit as it brings them a feeling of elation and relief to come home to not only a clean home but one that is organized too.”

Kimberley goes even further and stresses that communication is the key. “Communication between myself, staff and clients is encouraged every day. We are friendly, personable and courteous. We don’t just clean a house, we share our client’s joys, worries and their lives at the same time keeping all information strictly confidential. ”

This type of attitude has led Kimberley and her team to achieve and maintain an impressive level of client satisfaction and revenue growth. From October 2012 to August 2014 Kimberley saw an incredible 30% average month-to-month growth in revenue! Her commitment to high standards and open communication channels is evident in her success.

In the multi-billion dollar cleaning industry, there are many different companies trying to carve out a share. Understanding that people are busy with their lives, need some extra help, and knowing that we can make a difference is what got Kimberley started in this business and ultimately Messy Maid franchise.

The key to Kimberley’s success is her passion for helping people and her ability to obtain referrals through her excellent customer service standards.

Kimberley currently has four teams and she is growing her business every day with referrals and networking. She works closely with the corporate office and CEO, Prity Gouveia. Kimberley says, “I had a great teacher and mentor. Corporate Office has been extremely patient and understanding with me. It is easy to do something you like especially when you are given the proper tools.”

President and CEO Prity Gouveia comments, “This culture streams throughout our organization. From the cleaning supplies we choose to put our name behind, to the staff teams we have assembled, it’s all about the ‘personal touch’”.