Mister Transmission Franchisee - Brian Schroeder


Jul 23, 2014

How did you get into the Transmission Franchise Business?

I was introduced to the transmission business through family, who joined Mister Transmission franchise in 1967. Over the years they opened multiple franchise locations with Mister Transmission including: Thunder Bay, Sault Ste Marie, and Brantford, to name a few.

Why did you choose to join Mister Transmission Franchise Business in Ontario, Canada?

The franchise opportunity arose with a partner back in 1991, we were familiar with the company and heard great things. So, when the Waterloo franchise location went on the market, we decided to jump on it and well here we are!

How long have you been with the Mister Transmission Franchise?

I opened my shop in Waterloo back in 1991. We decided invest in the franchise until I decided to do things on my own. Its now a total of 23 years!

What are the benefits to being a part of a franchise business like Mister Transmission?

There’s multiple benefits to being a part of a franchise opportunity like Mister Transmission. One that stands out to me is the unbeatable work life balance. To be a business owner, but still have the ability to work regular business hours and enjoy my life is a big perk. Also, the ongoing training and support is crucial. As a Mister, I’m constantly updated on the latest technology, technical tips, sales techniques and more. I love the fact that I get to be my own boss, I have the freedom to be a decision maker. We also keep an open line of communication with our fellow Mister franchisors; which is arguably one of the largest networks of transmission and technology experts in Canada.

Tell us about the industry, what kind of business opportunities are there in the aftermarket business?

This industry is constantly changing and evolving, and with that so are we. Today’s technology is now being built into cars and with that comes a whole new level of training and expertise. This creates even more opportunity for Mister franchise business owners as people will need to take their transmission problems to the experts. You don’t have to be a mechanic to own a franchise, you just need business sense. I believe that in the next few years, those who do not meet the demands of modern technology will be gone. Mister Transmission Franchise provides the support and technical training to help you succeed.