Prep n Sell Spotlight on Franchisee Richard Foster


Jun 22, 2017  What made you choose Prep n Sell from all the franchise opportunities you looked at?

Richard Foster:  I looked at them all frankly, and I chose Prep n Sell, for several reasons. The main reasons were that I saw as huge potential and uniqueness of business model. Being involved with the Real Estate industry that will always exist and the fact that Prep n Sell is Canadian with a low start up cost.


BTB:  Can you describe the support you got from Prep n Sell head office team as you got started?

RF:  From my first inquires to my disclosure time I was always made to feel as though I was important and my questions were always welcomed. The support is often offered without being overbearing in any way. They provide me support and answers on marketing the brand and running the operation. I am very pleased with the support. 


BTB:  What have you found to be your greatest key to success?

RF:  My greatest key to success is building relationships, people will refer those that they like, respect and trust. They were right, there is a market for the brand and concept.


BTB:  Describe the most rewarding part of owning your business?

RF:  I can be as successful and grow this business to as large as I want, nothing stands in the way of success other than self drive. Plus, I love the business and having fun operating it. Sure, there are challenges which makes life interesting.


BTB:  What are your goals going forward?

RF:  Well into year one now and I have lofty financial targets set for myself as well as building the brand in British Columbia. 


BTB:  What goals did you have when you joined Prep n Sell?

RF:  I simply wanted to be successful, validate my choice and learn everyday. I love the business I was getting involved with. To have the availability to help develop the brand with the franchisor, Prep ’n Sell is open to listen to franchisees.


BTB:  What advice would you give to a potential franchisee?

RF:  I would say the best advice would be always be networking and building relationships, referrals can come from anyone. Live the brand and grow through relationships and referrals. Put the same effort or more building your own business. Just like priming a pump, to get it going you need to work at it.


BTB:  What are the biggest advantages that Prep n Sell gives you in your business?

RF:  I think the concept is genius, from the first time I saw it and understood it, I knew I could market it in my area, you have to truly believe in whatever you chose to do in life, Prep n Sell was something I knew I could be passionate about. I like the franchisor team as well, progressive and Professional.

BTB:  How does Prep n Sell help you to differentiate yourself from your competition?

RF:  To be honest, we don’t have a lot of direct competition and if the Prep n Sell plan is followed you can stand alone in your pursuit of business excellence. You can focus on quality and satisfied clients. 

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